Real time countdown to Gangnam Style passing one billion views

The site takes the latest YouTube view count and extrapolates the view/second rate based on the previous viewcount change - it's impressive to see just how many views the video is getting! It is widely believed that Gangnam Style will pass the one billion view mark on the 21st December 2012. Strangely coinciding with the Mayan prediction for the end of the world.


A small demonstration - Windows 8

This is the best thing I'v ever seen from Microsoft, and I'm not talking about Windows. This little film is brilliant, and cute. Is Windows 8 really that simple? Find out the answer in a surprisingly simple stunt that took place in December 7th, in a Fnac store in Lisbon. The moment speaks for itself.


Apollo hire Apollo


How far will human lab mice go for Fantastic Delites? - Delite-o-matic

Fantastic Delites created a human mouse lab experiment to see how far people were willing to go on a human size running wheel, just to get a free packet of Fantastic Delites.


Hankook Tire: The Future of Tyre Design

A Hankook Tire competition in the US has challenged some of the country's brightest industrial design students to imagine the role of tyres in automotive design from new angles. The winning entry by University of Cincinnati student Ben Zavala took the brief somewhat literally, with his Tiltread car tyre rolling into corners at an angle like a motorcycle tyre. Zavala's breakthrough idea was to split the tyre into three parallel ring sections, each mounted on a corresponding split section of wheel. As the wheel turns and leans, the three tyre sections are individually raised or lowered, allowing them all to maintain traction with the road surface. Tiltread's wheels are hubless and contain an electric drive motor which varies power to each tyre section, allowing the sections to spin at different rates during cornering.

Google Zeitgeist 2012: A Year In Search

Here it is again, the Google Zeitgeist, summarising the years most popular searches in a great video round-up. So what featured this year? Well Red Bull did pretty well as always, but they really smashed it this year, becoming the opening and closing pieces of content. Meanwhile, just about everything you’d expect made it in, along with a few pieces that you would have thought wow, how’d that make it! Click here to enjoy the full Google Zeitgeist 2012 site.


The World's Most Downloaded Man

He is the king of Stock Images. He is always with you, everywhere you go. He is omnipresent. He is The World's Most Downloaded Man. And now Câmera Clara Photography Studio will show you who he really is.

Swedish Post: Parcel Memory Xmas Game

Swedish Post are famous for huge Xmas installations, in fact you probably remember last years ‘Xmas on Wheels‘ installation created in a huge warehouse that allowed users to shoot their own photos of a real life nativity set. Probably the benchmark for all Xmas creative pieces in 2011. So in 2012, they’ve back it up with this, Swedish Post Parcel Memory, played out live at a huge scale of 240m2, complete with 400 presents. Match two of the same, and you win both. Very cool! http://parcelmemory.com

Hard: Blind Man Tries Explaining His Concept Of Color

This is blind-since birth Tommy Edison. Tommy was presumably named after famous inventor Thomas Edison, who was born not only blind, but with the head of a lizard. "Stop rewriting history." Haha, I'm hoping some kid doing a school report reads this and mistakes it for truth. HE INVENTED iPODS. This is a two minute video of Tommy trying to explain color. It's pretty interesting to hear what he has to say. Short story even shorter: basically, he has no concept. It would be like me trying to explain what the embrace of a woman who isn't my mom feels like.


Burn PRESENTS: Visions

Shot in Bucharest, Romania, burn's VISIONS features Kie Willis, Phil Doyle and Tim Shieff of Storm Freerun and Chima Akenzua. In this film, the Storm Freerun crew are guided by their imagination into the Free State of Creativity.

A Short History of the Gif

Presented by SmartWater. In association with Moving the Still: A Gif Festival. Directed by Sean Pecknold. A LEGS Production.


One of the best TV Commercials of 2012

AdWeek have voted "Widerøe" to one of the best TV commercial of 2012. Made by McCann in Oslo. Music from Daughter, the song is called Youth.

The World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth

Hands up if you’ve got a 3D printer? Most of the ones you can get your hands on are pretty low-res and print liquid plastic. So what happens when you create a pop-up store with a high-end powder based 3D printer? Well, you create the world’s first 3D printing photo booth… Made by the guys at PARTY, this pop-up store allows people to be mapped in high-definition 3D before being printed between 10cm and 20cm tall in full colour, to proive a semi-realistic 3D printed version of yourself to take home… All for about $250 bucks! Not bad huh? VIA Digitalbuzz


Färskhetsbeviset from Pressbyrån (Swedish)

En lussekatt är godast när den är rykande färsk. Här visar Pressbyrån och Åkerstam Holst hur man kan sälja lussekatter med ingräddat färskhetsbevis på Pressbyrån.

Nattvandring (Night Watch)

From Youtube: Nattvandring.nu är en politiskt och religiöst obunden stiftelse som arbetar för att utveckla, stödja och främja nattvandring i hela Sverige. Ju fler vuxna som finns på platser där unga finns om kvällar och nätter, desto tryggare blir gator och torg. Hitta en grupp där du bor på nattvandring.nu Tack till alla som utan ersättning ställt upp för att göra den här filmen! Kund: Janne Lundholm / nattvandring.nu Byrå: Klirr Stockholm Musik: Jonathan Johansson Skivbolag: Hybris Regi: Lena Landén & Frida Vigström Foto: Robert Ekström Steadicam: Nestor Salazar Post Production & ljud: Videa

Nintendo History by Anthony Veloso


IKEA Kastrullorkester Flashmob Stockholm


ParaNorman Feaurette: Faces of Paranorman

I love stop motion animation, it gives the film a much more raw look and I can't get enough. It's unique and definitely worth it all. In this easy-to-follow recipe, see how you too can make a delicious stop-motion animated movie!