Midas Canadian winter car chase

Agency - DDB Canada, Vancouver

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cam_canada said...

Wouldn't you think DDB Canada would have executed this ad a bit better?

Seeing the ad once, it gets a chuckle. But seeing it ten times in a night, it starts to wear thin.

"Canadian Police Chase" could have read something less ubiquitous - not every Canadian can relate to the hook. "Baffin Island Police Chase" ?

It seems weak to me.

Maybe I'm decoding it incorrectly, but when I see it, I feel as if it's an American ad that Midas is just simply airing North of the Border. I can see the joke in the states, though. But for some reason it resonates about as well as the "I AM CANADIAN" Molson ads would have resonated if Molson had chosen to air those ads in the States.

I was shocked when I learned that DDB Vancouver came up with it.

Anyway, thanks for putting it up.